Our Mission Statement

Literacy Suffolk, Inc. affects countywide change by improving individual literacy and adult literacy skills through the valuable use of trained volunteers, by expanding community awareness and by providing literacy to all adults, especially those of low to moderate incomes who are underserved and limited in their abilities to advance themselves and their families, and to allow them to contribute and partake in the fruits of our society.

Our Vision Statement

We believe that the ability to read, write, and communicate effectively is critical to personal freedom, economic betterment, and the maintenance of a democratic society.

About Literacy Suffolk, Inc.

What Literacy Suffolk Does

  • Provide free one-to-one and small group literacy tutoring
  • Recruit and refer adult learners and volunteers
  • Train volunteer tutors
  • Train volunteer testers
  • Offer confidential, student-centered instruction
  • Provide ongoing support to tutors and students through:

             - Student Conversation Groups

             - Tutor Support Groups

             - Literacy Materials (books, videos, audio cassettes, computer-assisted instruction)

             - In-service Training Workshops

             - Publications (affiliate newsletter, magazine of student writings)

             - Student Involvement

  • Increase public awareness of literacy through:

             - Outreach (volunteers, students, board, staff)
             - Countywide Partnerships (libraries, government, corporate, academic, community-based organizations)
             - Countywide Initiatives (health literacy, law literacy, financial literacy, workplace literacy, family literacy, “Planting Seeds for                     Literacy” campaign)

  • FOCUS: Bringing literacy to individuals of low to moderate income to allow them to better help themselves and their families regarding access to community services, entering the workforce, furthering their education, acquiring citizenship, fostering dignity and pride, providing tools to succeed, allowing them to achieve their goals and to achieve future independence and self-sufficiency, and to fully partake in the American dream

  • TARGETS: All adults with illiteracy with particular emphasis on low to moderate income groups and communities where literacy rates are traditionally lower than the Suffolk average (which is 1 out of 7 adults). Presently, among Literacy Suffolk students, almost 30% are unemployed and almost 60% are of Latin and African descent.