Tutor Support Group

Literacy Suffolk volunteers are encouraged to attend at least two meetings annually.

What is a tutor support group?

  • An opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow tutors, to receive help and support from one another.
  • A friendly environment in which to share tutoring challenges and successes, to exchange ideas and lesson plans.
  • The place to review strategies and learn additional instructional techniques, and to attend topic-specific workshops.

Why is it important for me to attend?

  • To know you are an integral part of a large volunteer organization.
  • To improve your understanding of adult literacy needs and issues.
  • To upgrade your tutoring abilities.
  • To gain fresh insights and new ideas for lessons.
  • To share information with those who are in this commitment with you.

When and where are the meetings held?

  • At various locations (usually libraries) throughout Suffolk County.
  • View our Calendar to find tutor support meetings in your area.

For more information, contact our Office.